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Use Our Planner to Plan Your Vacation in Gaspésie!

If you want to organize your trip to Gaspésie in advance, you will find our planner very useful!

Our user-friendly planner allows you to:

  • Choose your favourite activities
  • Plan your lodging
  • Organize your days
  • Create a trip itinerary (including distances and times)
  • Find suggestions and more!

Visit and click on the heart icon in the top right-hand corner to add activities, accommodations and restaurants to your favourites. Don’t worry if you don’t have many favourites at first. You can always add to your list as you go along!

Planner on the web site

Create an itinerary

Click on the calendar icon next to the heart, then on “New itinerary.” Fill out the information requested and click on “I want to start.”

You can add stops to your itinerary by clicking on the + sign and then searching by keyword or selecting from your favourites.

Need ideas?

Browse the categories on the site or check out the personalized suggestions. Add anything of interest to your favourites by clicking on the heart icon. Even simpler, organize your vacation using our suggested tours, which group together various attractions based on your tastes and preferences.

Distances between stops are calculated automatically, in kilometres and travel time. You can modify the start time and duration of stops by clicking on the box containing the time. You can also move elements in your itinerary with your mouse and click on an element to see information about the company or site.

If you are a visual person, you will find the map useful. Select a date to see your itinerary for that day on the map. You can then confirm whether your stops are in the right order for that day.

Other functions

The tab with the three dots at the top right of the calendar allows you to name your itinerary, save it, email it to yourself or someone else, convert it into a PDF file and create or log into your account. This is also where you can access a tutorial to help you use the planner.

Consult or modify your itinerary by logging into your account, which you can also access from your tablet or phone. The planner is accessible at all times by clicking on the calendar icon.

To be in the loop, visit and start planning your trip today! #gaspesie

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