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Restaurants Offering Fall Flavours

Here are four restaurants offering dishes that showcase the best of the local harvest so you can savour the flavours of Gaspésie during your next fall visit.

La Broue dans l’Toupet Bar & Grill, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts

Discover a real gastropub! Chef Daniel Gasse creates dishes featuring game and various other types of meat as well as tartare, seafood and homemade smoked products. La Broue dans l’Toupet Bar & Grill is a gourmet restaurant you will not want to miss if you are in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts! The menu focuses on international culinary trends while featuring ingredients from Gaspésie.

Auberge Gîte du Mont-Albert. Photo: SÉPAQ

Auberge Gîte du Mont-Albert, Parc national de la Gaspésie

The dining room at Auberge Gîte du Mont-Albert offers fine gourmet cuisine in a majestic mountain setting. The chef showcases quality products grown or raised in Gaspésie. On the menu: fresh and innovative cuisine served in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Try their hearty Sunday brunches or ask the kitchen to prepare a lunch box to take on your hike in the mountains.

Photo: Le Têtu Taverne Gaspésienne

Tétû Taverne Gaspésienne, Gaspé

Located in Hôtel Baker in the centre of Gaspé, Tétû Taverne Gaspésienne offers a casual pub atmosphere and a menu featuring products from Gaspésie and elsewhere in Québec: Pit Caribou beer, wild mushrooms, sausages, sauerkraut and even locally made gin. Taste one of their delicious homemade cocktails such as alcoholic lemonade or smoked salmon gin!

Photo: La Maison Mathilde

La Maison Mathilde, Percé   

In the heart of the village in Percé, a stone’s throw from the wharf, La Maison Mathilde is a gem of a restaurant offering fine market cuisine in a friendly atmosphere. Local flavours are prepared with care, including fresh fish and seafood as well as grilled dishes. The restaurant also offers a view of the sea and delicious desserts—what more could you ask for?

These four restaurants are just a sample of what awaits you in Gaspésie. Whether you stop in a café, bistro, family or fine-dining restaurant, the chefs of this region will be happy to prepare mouth-watering dishes with local ingredients for you.

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