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Mylaine and Her Gang Enjoying the Powder in Gaspésie

Be inspired by Mylaine and her gang as they enjoy a backcountry skiing adventure in Gaspésie!

Mylaine and Her Gang Enjoying the Powder in Gaspésie
Genre: action movie
Featuring: Mylaine, Antoine, Simon and Felix

A group of friends load their backcountry ski gear into their vehicle and head for Murdochville. While driving along meandering Route 132 in Haute-Gaspésie, they admire the surrounding sea and mountain scenery. As soon as they arrive, they hop into a catski with their local friend Mylaine and head up to the top of York Mountain. They then tear down the mountainside on backcountry skis or splitboards, an exciting experience with lots of opportunities for jumps in the powder snow!

In the evening, the indefatigable crew, equipped with headlamps, sets off to conquer Mount MD, then caps off their magical day with a festive outing to the Mount Miller chalet. The next day, Mylaine and her gang drive to Gaspé for a new backcountry skiing experience. Offering expertly built jumps, powder snow and slopes up to 50 degrees, Mount Pesaq (which is operated by the FQME) makes for a high-adrenaline experience!

Mylaine and her gang enjoying the powder

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