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Carleton-sur-Mer. Photo: Louis Lessard

Mountain Biking in Gaspésie

Here are some suggestions that will inspire you to explore the mountains of Gaspésie by mountain bike, on your own, with family or with friends!

For more information about mountain biking in Gaspésie and detailed routes, consult the Trailforks website, section Gaspésie.

Matane, Sentiers de l’igloo trails

This site, which is operated by the Club de Vélo Éolien de Matane cycling club, offers 35 km of marked mountain bike trails for beginners to experts and includes a freeride area. This is a fun technical site worth discovering!

Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs
Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs. Photo: SÉPAQ

Réserve faunique de Matane, Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs

Located at the heart of the Réserve faunique de Matane (a wildlife reserve), the Auberge de montagne des Chic-Chocs offers comfortable 4-star accommodations in a lodge perched at an altitude of 615 metres in the Chic-Choc Mountains. With or without a guide, you can enjoy exploring the surrounding wilderness territory (which is reserved for guests) by mountain bike along forest trails. Suitable for all levels, the trails range in length from 3.5 km to 28 km (round trip), with elevation differences varying from 90 to 550 metres. You can admire several rivers and lakes along the way and may even see moose. Some lakes are suitable for swimming. Bikes and helmets are provided.

Saint-Octave-de-l’Avenir, Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs

Located about 18 km south of Cap-Chat in Saint-Octave-de-l’Avenir, the Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs resort will delight outdoor lovers. In the heart of the forest and at the foot of a mountain, you will find an inn, cottages, restaurants and many outdoor activities. Mountain bikes are available for rent to explore the surrounding area on trails and forest roads.

Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Expé Aventures

Specializing in outdoor training and travel, Expé Aventures is currently developing mountain bike trails in Haute-Gaspésie. A first 1.5-km loop, the Beaver Fever trail, is currently completed, and a 7-km single-track network is planned for this summer. Discover the Ruisseau-Castor Valley and enjoy superb views of the Chic-Chocs and the St. Lawrence River.

Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Centre de Plein air de la Haute-Gaspésie

The site of this recreational centre is currently under development; at the moment, it offers a few mountain bike trails. Stay tuned for more information.

Photo: Le Chic-Chac

Murdochville, Le Chic-Chac

Located in Murdochville, Chic-Chac is known for its festive atmosphere and unique backcountry skiing. The owners have also acquired the Centre de Plein Air du Lac York (a recreational centre), which offers a variety of summer activities, including boating on the lake (rentals available), camping, fishing, hiking and mountain biking. On site you will find 10 km of trails designed for enduro dirt biking (intermediate to difficult) that will introduce you to the majestic landscapes of Mount York and Lake York.

Mont Béchervaise, Gaspé
Mont Béchervaise, Gaspé. Photo: CHOK Images

Gaspé, Land’s End Trail (Sentiers du bout du monde)

The mission of the Land’s End Trails website is to provide a single access point for information about bike trails in the Gaspé area. Although all trails are multi-use and therefore also open to hikers, runners and snowshoers, the organization’s main goal is to develop and catalogue mountain bike trails. Visit the website for links to GPS maps and detailed routes for the following sectors:

  • Béchervaise :  22-km single track located 10 minutes from the centre of Gaspé.
  • Forillon National Park : 20 km of trails that will appeal to those who love a challenge!
  • Mont Puttingstone : 60 km of forest roads and single tracks that provide access to magnificent views, including from the mountain’s summit at an altitude of 260 metres.
  • Gaspé Centre : forest roads and single tracks departing from close to the town’s centre and leading inland.
  • Gaspé to Percé : 70 km of forest roads, quad trails and single tracks (40%) linking these two villages; you can also start from Coin-du-Banc and bike to Percé (29.7 km, difficult).
  • Gaspé pump track : inaugurated last spring, the pump track at the rest stop in Gaspé is along Gaspé Bay in the centre of town. Intended mainly for teenagers, the track was designed by Canadian BMX champion Hedi Bassoussi. A skatepark is also located on site, which will delight skateboard, scooter and in-line skating enthusiasts.
Gaspé pump track
Gaspé pump track. Photo: Sentiers du Bout du Monde

New Richmond, Station touristique Pin Rouge

A ski resort in the winter, Pin Rouge offers a multitude of activities in the summer, including mountain bike trails for the whole family. Totalling over 30 km, they include beginner to intermediate single-track trails. The resort also features a bicycle park for children and a pump track as well as an outdoor swimming pool and water games. Colourful cottages are available for rent on site. This is the perfect destination to introduce the whole family to the joys of mountain biking! An annual pass is available that will give you access to Pin Rouge and the Mont-Saint-Joseph trails online:

Station touristique Pin Rouge
Station touristique Pin Rouge. Photo: Lumiphoto

Saint-Alphonse, Domaine des Chutes du Ruisseau Creux

Located north of New Richmond, the village of Saint-Alphonse is right in the middle of the forest. The Domaine des Chutes du Ruisseau Creux offers hiking and mountain bike trails, a footbridge over the Bonaventure River, children’s games, geocaching and wilderness camping. The 5-km Le Pédaleux intermediate mountain bike trail provides access to the Ruisseau Creux waterfall, which is the main attraction in this area. You can also explore the 3-km La Belle Balade beginner trail.

Carleton-sur-Mer et Maria, Mont-Saint-Joseph 

The Mont-Saint-Joseph in Carleton-sur-Mer offer nearly 20 km of dedicated and shared intermediate trails. An enduro destination, the summit of Mount Saint-Joseph offers an exceptional view of Chaleur Bay from 555 metres above sea level; you can then zip down the mountain on a 15-km trail to the beach and a mountain bike skills park located along Promenade des Acadiens. A shuttle is available to take you to the top of the mountain in high season; you can also bike or drive up. In Maria, a neighbouring municipality, you can explore 6 km of cross-country trails accessible via 2e Rang. An annual pass is available that will give you access to the Mont-Saint-Joseph trails and the Pin Rouge resort.

Parc régional de la Seigneurie du Lac Matapédia
Parc régional de la Seigneurie du Lac Matapédia. Photo: Jonathan Roy

Amqui, Parc régional de la Seigneurie du Lac Matapédia

Surrounding Lake Matapedia, the Parc régional de la Seigneurie du Lac Matapédia offers a variety of activities including hiking, water sports and mountain biking. The Les Étangs (14.7 km) and Les Crêtes (3.8 km) trails are undeveloped, so they are technically and physically challenging—and perfect for mud lovers! If you would rather bike on gravel trails, explore Route Soucy (23.9 km) as well as the many forest roads in this area.

Sainte-Irène, Parc régional de Val-d’Irène

Featuring a dozen very varied mountain bike trails, the Parc regional de Val-d’Irène includes 15 km of single tracks, over 20 km of multi-use trails and several cross-country trails. As it is also a ski resort, you can climb the mountain using the ski lift! When the lift is not functioning, you can go up the piste familiale (family trail), even with your vehicle, and come down the mountain for free. The park also offers cottages that can accommodate up to 8 people.

Are you ready to explore the sea and mountain scenery of Gaspésie by mountain bike? To be in the loop, visit and plan your trip today! #gaspesie

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