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Martine and Friends Exploring the Chic-Chocs in Gaspésie

Be inspired by Martine and friends as they enjoy an exceptional snowshoeing and cross-country skiing escapade in the Chic-Chocs in Gaspésie!

Martine and Friends Exploring the Chic-Chocs in Gaspésie
Genre: adventure movie
Featuring: Martine, Yves, Fleurdelise and Étienne

A couple drives along Route 299, at the heart of the Gaspé Peninsula, towards Parc national de la Gaspésie. They put on their Hok skis (snowshoe skis) and set off into the mountains, where they meet friends. After coming down the mountainside in abundant snow with a smile on their lips, they enjoy an aperitif with their companions.

Next comes a relaxing sauna followed by a delicious meal featuring regional flavours at the renowned restaurant in the Gîte du Mont-Albert hotel. After a comfortable night, the friends succumb once again to the call of the Chic-Chocs! Ready for new adventures, this time they opt for cross-country skiing on the Lac-aux-Américains trail.

Martine and friends exploring the Chic-Chocs

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