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Marco and His Buddies on their Snowmobiling Trip in Gaspésie

Be inspired by Marco and his buddies on their snowmobiling road trip in Gaspésie as they discover breathtaking views of the sea and mountains!

Marco and His Buddies on their Snowmobiling Trip in Gaspésie
Genre: snowmobile road movie
Featuring: Marco, Eric, Réjean and Christian

Marco and his buddies ride around the Gaspé Peninsula on their snowmobiles on Trans-Québec trail #5 (TQ5). Zipping through forests, clearings and mountains, they are surrounded by stunning winter scenery. Their trip takes them through areas that are otherwise inaccessible: they get to fully appreciate the beauty of the Chic-Choc Mountains, admire an impressive panoramic view from the top of Mount Saint-Pierre and soak up a unique view of spectacular Percé Rock a little further along the trail.

During their snowmobiling trip, the four buddies take several well-deserved breaks in good restaurants, pubs and microbreweries along the way. Every night, they spend pleasant evenings by the fire in cozy hotels, recalling the highlights of their day…

Marco and his buddies on a snowmobile road trip

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