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Road 132. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis

How many days are needed to tour the Gaspésie?

On average, people take 7 to 10 days to visit Gaspésie as part of their summer vacation. However, the number of days needed for travel can vary a lot from person to person. Here are some factors to consider. 

Percé. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis


Touring Gaspésie in a loop (from Sainte-Flavie to Sainte-Flavie) consists of traveling 885 km, equivalent to about 11 hours of driving. Add to this the distance between your place of residence and the entrance to the Gaspésie (approximately 3 h 30 from Québec City or 6 hours from Montréal).

If you want to explore activities, some time to stop along the way is needed. One can count on one day to travel to Gaspésie and one day to return. En route, consider a maximum of a 3 hour drive per day (adjust to your situation, if you travel with young children for example), so the tour could take a minimum of 6 days, as in the example here:

Day 1 – Montréal – Gaspésie
Day 2 – 3 hour drive + activity/tour
Day 3 – 3 hour drive + activity/tour
Day 4 – 3 hour drive + activity/tour
Day 5 – 2 hour drive + activity/tour
Day 6 – Gaspésie – Montréal

A different approach may be to allocate your time on the road differently; take two longer travel days, then stay in the same place for a bit before continuing your trip. Keep under consideration your individual situation and the expansive area of the territory.

Route 132
Road 132. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis

Keep in mind, however, that travelling the roads in Gaspésie are not the same as a 3 hour drive on a highway. You will drive along the sea, see beautiful landscapes, and have the opportunity to stop in order to do activities everywhere along the way. The road journey is a large part of the holiday!

Exploramer. Photo: Éric Marchand


The second aspect to consider is the sort of activities you want to do. Visiting an interpretation centre does not necessarily require the same time as climbing a mountain. If you plan to mostly hike for example, you will have to keep this approach in mind.

On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy the scenery, stroll on the beach, and read a good book sitting on your balcony at the hotel, you may tour the area in a different time range.

Mont Ernest-Laforce, parc national de la Gaspésie.
Parc national de la Gaspésie. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis

In summary, choose your activity and consider the time you have. If you want to hike, but only have a long weekend break for example, you could go to a park and enjoy it rather than trying to do the entire tour and other activities too quickly.

Don’t forget that you do not necessarily have to undertake the entire tour of Gaspésie to spend a holiday in Gaspésie!

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