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Gaston Treating Himself This Winter in Gaspésie

Be inspired by Gaston who is treating himself to a winter getaway combining backcountry skiing, snowkiting and fatbiking in Gaspésie!

Gaston Treating Himself This Winter in Gaspésie
Genre: outdoors movie
Featuring: Gaston

An avid outdoorsman, Gaston decides to treat himself to a vacation combining winter sports, gourmet pleasures and comfortable accommodations in Gaspésie. His trip begins in the Matapédia Valley, where he goes telemarking in abundant 100% natural snow and then enjoys a delicious meal with a friend. Driving on to the Chaleur Bay region, he gets a good night’s rest in a hotel and then joins friends for a fatbike ride.

Next, he goes snowkiting on the barachois in Carleton-sur-Mer, working up a thirst that he is happy to quench at a local microbrewery! But his winter adventures are not done yet: a keen backcountry skier, Gaston then heads off to explore Mount Maria, Mount Lyall and Mount Hog’s Back, before relaxing at the Gîte du Mont-Albert hotel.

Gaston treating himself this winter

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