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Seashore festivals

A festival is fun, but a festival with both feet in the sand is even better! In Gaspésie, the sea is omnipresent and one can take advantage of it even during the big events of the summer. Come sing, dance, and enjoy the summer on the beaches of Gaspésie. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Fête de la Saint-Jean in Percé, June 24
The arrival of summer is highlighted with a national holiday on a magnificent seaside site. Imagine a gigantic natural amphitheatre between the wharf and Percé Rock, with three bonfires, storytellers, and musicians. Happy Saint-Jean!

Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée, end of June
An eagerly awaited annual gathering, the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée brings together emerging and professional artists featuring francophone song. Nestled in the hollow of a cove, the site is magical, as are the late evenings around a bonfire where it is not uncommon for artists and amateurs to sing along.

Festi Plage of Cap-d’Espoir, end of July
Imagine a performance stage facing the sea. The crowd of spectators gathers on the beach and, with feet in the sand, sings and dances to the sound of their favorite bands. There is another reason why the FestiBeach attracts crowds. In addition to music, the schedule includes a host of family activities for Sunday, to enjoy the seaside to the maximum. It is a music festival the Gaspésie way!

Crédit : Michel Julien
Photo : Michel Julien

Fête du Vol libre, end of July
Hang gliding and paragliding pilots from all over America come together and present a colorful air show. Feet in the sand and by the mountain side, contemplate this show or let yourself be tempted by a tandem initiation flight! Panoramic hike, animated music, artisans, and local products complement the programming perfectly.

Fête du Bois flotté, early August
By the sea, over 4 days, the Fête du bois flotté (driftwood festival) celebrates the sculpted and retold folklore. Sculptors at work, traditional music shows, family entertainment, fair, and diverse programming.

Festival Musique du Bout du Monde, mid-August
It is true that the FMBM is an urban festival with its shows under a big top and the lively Rue de la Reine. But its show at sunrise in Cap Bon-Ami, while the Forillon cliffs and the sea gradually turn orange, makes it a must in the summer. Magic moments and chills guaranteed.

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