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Lobster roll. Photo: CHOK Images

Food – Gaspésie Tour Extras

Here is what you need to know about the flavours of Gaspésie to help you check off items on your list of “Gaspésie Tour Extras” during the Tour de la Gaspésie Discovery Activity.

Shrimp roll

Fished offshore and processed in Gaspésie, northern shrimp are the pride of Matane and Anse-au-Griffon. The locals are in the habit of buying a glass of fresh shrimp at the fish market to eat as a snack! Shrimp can also be found on restaurant menus in a multitude of different dishes: on pizzas or in croutons, salads, poutine or pasta… not to mention the famous guédille, a delicious shrimp roll, which is available in several restaurants and snack bars throughout Gaspésie.

Fish soup

A traditional dish, fish soup is comfort food in Gaspésie. Bourride, fish stew, seafood chowder, quiaude, bouillabaisse… the recipe varies from one restaurant to another, but the dish is always delicious! Two recommended places for the best fish soup are La Vieille Usine de l’Anse-à-Beaufils and the Poissonnerie du Pêcheur in Bonaventure.

Algae. Photo: Gaspésie Gourmande

Algae from Gaspésie

Did you know that seaweed is edible? In Gaspésie, about 15 different species are harvested along the shoreline or by diving. They are available fresh or dried, transformed into sea relish, spices, seaweed pesto and much more! To discover these products, visit one of these retailers: Boulangerie Toujours Dimanche, L’Amarré or online via Gaspésie Gourmande. Several chefs also cook with these products.Couleur Chocolat Chocolate Museum has even created seaweed-flavoured chocolate! Are you brave enough to try it?

Lobster plates
Lobster. Photo: CHOK Images

Lobster and crab

Gaspésie’s star gourmet products, lobster and crab are part of the local way of life. Gaspesians fish, work in processing plants and, above all, impatiently wait for these seafoods to be available in fish markets. Easter is the time for crab parties, and Mother’s Day is celebrated with lobster. Follow our lead and savour lobster and crab whole, in salads or in club sandwiches. Restaurants and fish markets will be happy to introduce you to these delicacies. Some of the restaurants not to be missed are those in the Riôtel hotels, which offers an all-you-can-eat lobster package, as well as Capitaine Homard, Restaurant Le Matelot and Maison du Pêcheur.

Enjoy the discovery activity!

The Tour de la Gaspésie Discovery Activity is fun for the whole family! How does it work?

As soon as you arrive in Gaspésie, head to a tourist information office to pick up your Tour de la Gaspésie Discovery Activity booklet. The booklet includes suggestions for your Gaspésie Tour, a Seek and Find game and information about the collectible mystery stickers. Collect all five mystery stickers in the tourist information offices of Gaspésie to complete your Seek and Find game for even more family fun!

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