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Fatbiking on the beach, Coin-du-Banc. Photo: CHOK Images

Fatbike Beach Rides in Gaspésie

Would you like to explore the beautiful beaches of Gaspésie on a fatbike? Here are several beaches worth discovering!

Métis-sur-Mer. Photo: LP Cusson – Tourisme Gaspésie

The Coast

Beach from Les Boules to Baie-des-Sables

This intermediate ride includes some sections of pebbles and rocks. About 1 km from the church in Les Boules, you can take a detour through a field to avoid the rocky section. This ride along the beach is worth it on its own, but you can also keep cycling towards Saint-Ulric or Métis-sur-Mer. Length of ride: 5.3 km (one way). Parking is available at 47, rue Principale (at the church).

Beach in Métis-sur-Mer

Discover why Métis-sur-Mer is such a popular summer destination! A resort town for over a century, this charming coastal community offers breathtaking scenery. For your fatbike ride on the beach, the best time to set off is two hours before low tide. This guarantees you will be able to ride around the areas dotted with boulders without a problem. Some parts of the trail are more challenging, but that only adds to the adventure! Parking is available in the municipal parking lot (next to 131, rue Principale).

Beach from Saint-Ulric to Baie-des-Sables

This is a fun and accessible ride. A few rocky sections may challenge your technical skills, but that only adds to the experience! Length of ride: 12.8 km (one way). Parking is available at 197, avenue Ulric-Tessier.

Beach from Saint-Ulric to Matane

You can ride along this stretch of beach at low or high tide. Length of ride: 7.8 km (one way). Parking is available at 90, avenue Ulric-Tessier.

Beach from Petit-Matane to Sainte-Félicité

Some pebbly sections of this beach will require you to slalom! A short segment of the ride is on an ATV trail alongside the beach. The best time to set off is three hours before low tide. If you are planning to do the entire ride, be sure not to start after the tide has begun to rise. Some areas are very difficult an hour before high tide. Length of ride: 9.7 km (one way). Parking is available at 686, chemin de la Grève.

Beach in Matane Est

A few streams and a river cross this beach, but you should be able to ride across them without a problem. Admire the view of a cliff. Length of ride: 6.1 km (one way). Parking is available at 250, avenue du Phare Est (at Riôtel Matane).

Cap-Chat. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis


Beach from Sainte-Anne-des-Monts to Cap-Chat

This is an ideal stretch of beach for beginners since it offers few challenges. The entire ride is about 30 km (round trip), so this beach is worth a visit! For an optimal experience, plan to set off three hours before low tide, especially if you intend to do the entire ride. Length of ride: 15.3 km (one way). Parking is available at 237, 1ère avenue Ouest.

Beach from Sainte-Anne-des-Monts to Tourelle

This ride offers spectacular views of the immense St. Lawrence River. At some points the beach is quite wide, while at others, your journey will be more challenging since you will have to ride over rocks of various shapes. The best time to set off is an hour before low tide, to ensure you can ride through the Sainte-Anne-des-Monts sector, near Exploramer. Length of ride: 11.9 km (one way). Parking is available at 237, 1ère avenue Ouest.

Coin-du-Banc. Photo: CHOK Images

Land’s End

Beach in Pointe-à-la-Renommée

You will feel like you are alone in the world during this intermediate ride on a pebble beach, which you can reach from the Pointe-à-la-Renommée Historic Site. Note that the lighthouse site is accessible via a narrow and meandering gravel road, which is not recommended for vehicles with trailers, tent-trailers or RVs. Round-trip ride. Parking is available at 200, chemin de la Pointe-à-la-Renommée.

Boom Defense Beach in Gaspé

Treat yourself to a memorable ride at the heart of Gaspé Bay along a sandbar of historical and ecological interest. Length of ride: 6 km (one way). Parking is available on Rue Alexandre.

Haldimand Beach in Gaspé

Ride along the municipal beach: a local classic! At low tide, you can even reach Boom Defense Beach to the north. In the spring, the tides and ice on the Gulf of St. Lawrence will offer you a unique single track on sand-covered ice. Length of ride 6 km (one way). Parking is available at 30, rue de la Plage.

Beach in Coin-du-Banc (Percé)

Enjoy the ultimate fatbike experience on one of the region’s most beautiful beaches, which offers 5 km of golden sand. Various amenities are available on site (restrooms, swings, picnic tables) and, on hot days, you can go for a dip. Admire Percé Rock in the distance and ride alongside the magnificent Cannes-de-Roches cliffs. At low tide, you can head south all the way to the Pêcheurs Beach. If you head north, be sure to stop for some bird watching near the barachois. Length of ride: 5 km (one way). Parking is available on Rue de la Plage.

Beach in Cannes-de-Roches (Percé)

Enjoy a ride that requires your technical expertise along the Cannes-de-Roches cliffs towards Coin-du-Banc. The best time for this ride is at low tide. Length of ride: 20 km (one way). Parking is available on Chemin des Pêcheurs.

Beach in Chandler

Cycle on the sand in the heart of the town of Chandler, just a stone’s throw from the Gulf of St. Lawrence. At the Cantine du Chenail, cross the Grand Pabos River to access the Pabos Mills sector, which offers a beach and marked trails on the grounds of Parc du Bourg de Pabos and the Base de Plein Air de Bellefeuille. Round-trip ride. Parking is available at 155, rue de la Plage.

Plage Beaubassin, Bonaventure
Beaubassin Beach, Bonaventure. Photo: Tourisme Gaspésie

Chaleur Bay

Beaubassin Beach in Bonaventure

This sandy beach offers views of majestic coastal scenery and warm waters that are perfect for swimming! Ride to your heart’s content and then turn around when you start getting tired. Round-trip ride. Parking is available at 159, rue de Beaubassin (at the Bonaventure marina).

Beach in Taylor’s Point Park in New Richmond

This enchanting site is located along Chaleur Bay and the estuary of the Little Cascapédia River. Length of ride: 1 km (loop). Parking is available at 103, boulevard Perron Est.

Pointe Tracadigash Beach in Carleton-sur-Mer

This beach is a mix of pebbles and fine sand and also feature maritime vegetation that is typical of this region. Round-trip ride. Parking is available at 319, avenue du Phare.

Note that cycling on the beach can have a negative impact on local plants and wildlife. Please ride with care! In addition, be respectful with vacationers who also enjoy the beaches.

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Many thanks to Vélo Spécialité for suggesting these beach rides.

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