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Lac-aux-Américains, parc national de la Gaspésie Crédit photo : CHOK Images

Explore Haute-Gaspésie in the Fall!

Here is a suggested itinerary for a 4-day road trip in Haute-Gaspésie in the fall. Enjoy the fall colours between sea and mountains, and discover the artists and flavours that characterize each village in this sector.

Day 1 – Exploring the Western Chic-Chocs

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will want to head to Valmont Plein Air to enjoy an exciting stand-up paddle boarding experience on the Cap-Chat River! Soak up spectacular views of the Chic-Choc Mountains as you paddle down the river.

ATV enthusiasts will want to explore the Chic-Chocs on a four-wheeler, a high-adrenaline experience along the enchanting trails at Village Grande Nature Chic-Chocs.

Other options for activities: Projet Éole (wind energy interpretation centre), Maison des Verriers (glassworks), Cap-Chat Lighthouse, Cîme Culture (organic farm)

Local flavours to try: Be sure to stop at the Vanille, Chocolat, etc. dairy bar to savour their delicious homemade ice cream!

Along the Mont-Olivine hiking trail in Parc national de la Gaspésie. Photo: CHOK Images
Along the Mont-Olivine hiking trail in Parc national de la Gaspésie. Photo: CHOK Images

Day 2 – Hiking in the Eastern Chic-Chocs

Discover the many trails and impressive viewpoints in Parc national de la Gaspésie. Choose the hike that suits you best: you will be dazzled every time!

Other options for activities: Mount Lyall agate mine, canyoning with Eskamer Aventure, Exploramer, visiting the workshops of artisans Nathalie Dumouchel, Stéphanie Blanchet and Jü

Local flavours to try: Discover homemade treats made with love in a warm atmosphere at Marie 4 Poches, a bakery and pastry shop.

Phare de La Martr
La Martre Lighthouse. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis

Day 3 – Buying Local

Enjoy a more relaxing day as you browse local food shops from La Martre to Mont-Louis.

The Coop du Cap in La Martre offers organic vegetables grown with love by local market gardeners as well as unique tasting oils and nectars. Be sure to also stop at the Mont-Café coffee shop to savour a cup of organic coffee roasted locally by Antoine for a unique taste experience!

In the village of Marsoui, Carl at Les Entreprises 3B Inc. produces organic maple syrup and many other sweet and tasty maple products that are sold on site.

Located in Mont-Saint-Pierre, the Carrefour Aventure souvenir shop also offers delicious homemade ice cream bars.

In Mont-Louis, the Atkins et Frères smokehouse sells a wide variety of smoked fish, while Cusimer has been processing fish caught in the cold waters of the St. Lawrence for 30 years. Buy the freshest fish ever at their fish market!

Other options for activities: visit to the top of Mount Saint-Pierre with Carrefour aventure which offers transport (reservation required), tandem hang-gliding with Vue du ciel, Atelier d’Art La Vieille École (art gallery)

Local flavours to try: Stop in at Auberge L’Amarré to pick up some tasty local products and takeout dishes.

Phare de Cap Madeleine.
Cap Madeleine Lighthouse. Photo: Tourisme Gaspésie

Day 4 – Discovering Hidden Treasures

In Rivière-Madeleine, visit Grand Sault and learn about the history of the longest underground fish pass in the world. While enjoying a tasty picnic, be sure to admire the 25-metre waterfall and its beautiful natural surroundings.

Other options for activities: Birdwatching trail in Rivière-à-Claude

Local flavours to try: Enjoy a fish and seafood meal at La Capitainerie as you soak up the view of the sea. Gaze out at the horizon while you delight your taste buds!

Please note that this itinerary is intended for information purposes only; it is not a package. It is meant to inspire you and may be modified as you wish.

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