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Discover Gaspésie from Home During the Confinement Period

Many attractions and businesses in Gaspésie offer online content that allows you to travel from the comfort of your living room. Whether you are a history buff or nature lover, are looking for family activities or treasures made in Québec, here are few entertaining ways to discover Gaspésie during this confinement period.

Exploramer, la mer à découvrir
Photo: Exploramer, Discovering the Sea

Family Fun

Every weekday, Exploramer, Discovering the Sea shares a “science at home” post (in French only) on their Facebook page related to the theme of the day: exploration, fabrication, fascination, experimentation or competition. In addition, their website offers games and colouring pages featuring Béa, Omer and Stella that will amuse young and old alike as they discover the majestic St. Lawrence.

While looking forward to your next visit to Forillon National Park, meet Parka, a friendly beaver who invites you to have fun with your whole family! Sing Parka’s song, discover new things with Parka by watching her videos and enjoy the various activities offered by Club Parka.

At the Percé UNESCO Global Geopark, budding scientists are invited to join the Young Scientists Club by subscribing to an exclusive newsletter. In the company of Agathe, the star geologist of the Tektonik exhibition, they can learn about the unique geology of Percé as well as the global geopark network. Several articles are available online to satisfy their curiosity as they wait for the next issue of the newsletter.

Trouvez Charlie (la chèvre).
Find Charlie, the little black goat. Photo: Bioparc de la Gaspésie

The Bioparc de la Gaspésie is sharing information about local wildlife on their Facebook page (in French only). Their informative posts are a great way to learn more about these animals right from your living room. You can also look at photos and watch videos of the park’s residents, which is sure to make you want to see them in person!

Armchair adventures

Catch up on the first episode of Dominic Arpin’s brand-new show Van Aventure (in French only) for 22 minutes of excitement and relaxation with Eskamer Aventure, l’Auberge festive Sea Shack et Valmont plein air.

Village en chanson
Dans l’shed à Léon. Photo: Village en chanson de Petite-Vallée

Since you won’t be able to attend the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée song festival this year, why not watch some of the videos available on their YouTube channel, particularly the Dans l’shed à Léon playlist, a series of shows that takes place in a fishing shed!

While waiting for the start of the salmon fishing season, you can watch the “Valley of the Fresh Water” video (in French only), produced by the Lendemain de Trôle team on the Matapédia River. Whether or not you are already a salmon fishing enthusiast, this 20-minute video is guaranteed to enchant you!

To learn more about the history of salmon fishing and salmon fishing clubs, check out the photos and videos available on the website of the Site patrimonial de pêche Matamajaw (a fishing heritage site).

While waiting to be able to explore Forillon National Park in person, enjoy a virtual trip to Land’s End: admire a 360-degree view from the site of the Cap Gaspé Lighthouse!

Elsie in her own words.
Elsie – In Her Own Words. Photo: Reford Gardens

Learning opportunities

Are you interested in history? The Musée de la Neufve-France at the Vieux Moulin meadery in Sainte-Flavie has a beautiful collection of artefacts, some of which are featured on the museum’s website (in French only). Visit the website to see photos of them!

The Reford Gardens offer six virtual exhibitions, including “Elsie – In Her Own Words,” which allows you to get to know the creator of the gardens through her writing, “Fish Stories,” which explores the history of salmon fishing on the Metis River, and “Touring the Gaspé Peninsula – The History of an Epic Road Trip,” which recounts the evolution of the Gaspé Peninsula as a tourist destination.

Madame Bolduc
Madame Édouard Bolduc. Photo: Musée de la Gaspésie

The Musée de la Gaspésie invites you to discover the life of Madame Édouard Bolduc (née Mary Travers and known as “La Bolduc”), one of Québec’s leading folk music pioneers, through unpublished photos, objects rarely shown to the public as well as songs and texts.

The Musée Acadien du Québec offers a 3D virtual tour of the museum on their website as well as an overview of the history of Acadians in Québec. Take a look at the list of Acadian family surnames: you may be surprised to discover some of your ancestors!

The Cascapedia River Museum’s permanent exhibition recounts local history, with a focus on the Cascapédia River and the various people who fished for salmon in its waters. Want to find out more? Take a 3D tour of the museum!

Inspiration and online shopping

Several local artists and artisans have online stores. Check them out for inspiration… and maybe even to spoil yourself a little!

Mylène Henry
Photo: Mylène Henry


Clothing, accessories and more

Quai des Bulles
Photo: Quai des Bulles

Soap makers

Screen-printed designs and decorative items

For more inspiration, follow Tourisme Gaspésie on Facebook!

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, which is brimming with inspiring content and is a great way to escape while staying at home. Be sure to also follow us on Instagram, which will inspire you to dream about your next tour of the Gaspé Peninsula! #letsstayhome #itsgonnabeok

For locals, we have also prepared a list of restaurants, food producers and specialty food shops where you can buy local food during this confinement period. 

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