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Bikeways in Gaspésie

Here are some bikeways you can explore as a family while enjoying the spectacular sights and sounds of Gaspésie!

The coast


Parking: 1020, boulevard Jacques-Cartier
About 5 km on paved bike lane
This bike lane takes you through Mont-Joli and makes it easy to get around the city. During this ride, enjoy discovering some 30 murals painted on the walls of downtown buildings.

Parc des Îles in Matane

Parking: 230, avenue Saint-Jérôme
About 10 km on paved bike path, gravel trail and paved shoulder
Departing from Parc des Îles, you can cycle along the Matane River to the St. Lawrence (about 3 km) on a paved path intended for cyclists and pedestrians. You can also ride in the opposite direction by crossing the park to a gravel bike trail that will take you through the woods. To extend your ride, keep cycling for 2.2 km along Route 195 (Rue du Parc-Industriel) on a separate paved bike path along the road. Once you reach Rue de Matane-sur-Mer, you can ride west for 4.9 km on a paved shoulder. (There is not much traffic on this road.)

Along the St. Lawrence in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts

Parking: 1, rue du Quai
19 km on paved shoulder
Take advantage of the low level of traffic on 1ère Avenue in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and enjoy a magnificent ride along the St. Lawrence River.

Land’s End


5.7 km on dirt trail (with option of 12 km on paved shoulder)
Grande-Vallée offers a 5.7 km dirt trail through an evergreen forest (mountain bikes are recommended). To access the trail from Route 132, take Route de la Rivière for 12 km (you can cycle along this road on the paved shoulder).

Forillon national Park.. Photo : Tourisme Gaspésie

Forillon National Park

Forillon National Park offers several bike trails to explore.

La Vallée and Le Portage trails
Parking: 85, chemin du Portage, L’Anse-au-Griffon
9.2 km or 20.6 km on gravel and dirt trails
The La Vallée trail in Forillon National Park offers a 9.2-km loop ride through the forest. You can also combine this trail with the Le Portage trail for a total distance of 20.6 km.

Penouille trail

Parking: Penouille Visitor Centre, 122, boulevard de Gaspé
4 km on boardwalk
This short ride with no hills is perfect for beginners or families. Ending at the beach, it will take you through an exceptional natural environment where you can see a wide variety of birds.

Southern sector

Parking: Penouille Visitor Centre, 122, boulevard de Gaspé
40.6 km on paved shoulder
From the Penouille Visitor Centre, ride along the road and discover the picture-perfect scenery in the southern sector of Forillon National Park.

Tour de Baie in Gaspé

Parking: 8, rue de la Marina
20 km on paved shoulder
This is probably one of the most popular bike rides in the area! This 20-km loop ride will take you along a relatively flat bikeway surrounding the mouth of the York River from downtown Gaspé. Not to be missed and worth enjoying more than once!

Multi-use path in Gaspé

Parking: 8, rue de la Marina
21 km on paved bike path
Accessible from the intermodal station, this path in Gaspé is multipurpose: it can be used by hikers and inline skaters as well as cyclists. It will take you to beautiful and sandy Haldimand Beach, on Gaspé Bay.

Coin-du-Banc. Photo : CHOK Images

Coin-du-Banc (Percé)

Parking: Rue de la Plage
6.2 km on paved bike path and shoulder
Time will stop as you ride along this bikeway in Coin-du-Banc, near Percé, a stone’s throw from one of the largest birding sites in the region. Note that a segment of this loop ride is along Route 132; both shoulders along the entire length of this road are designated bike lanes.

Parc du Bourg de Pabos

Parking: 75, chemin de la Plage
18 km on dirt trails (with some tree roots)
The Pointe de Pabos trails in Parc du Bourg de Pabos offer cyclists and hikers 18 km to explore through enchanting scenery. At every turn, nature and history will surprise and move you!

Parc du Bourg de Pabos. Photo : Tourisme Gaspésie

Circuit des Bâtisseurs in Chandler

Parking: 35, rue Commerciale Ouest
4 km on paved bike path
The Circuit des Bâtisseurs (Founders’ Trail) is a paved 4-km cycling and walking trail along the sea. The path begins at Atelier d’Art on Rue McGrath and ends at the interpretation centre in Parc du Bourg de Pabos. Enjoy cycling over the world’s longest aluminum bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, which will take you across the barachois in Grand-Pabos Bay. This path is also an outdoor historic tour that recounts key moments in the history of this area.

Chaleur Bay

Multi-use path in Bonaventure

Parking: Pointe Beaubassin
4 km on paved bike path
A true linear park by the sea, the multi-use path in Bonaventure extends over a distance of nearly 4 km, linking Pointe Beaubassin to the Piouke site. Whether you are cycling, walking or inline skating, this is a great place to soak up the sun and sea air.

Beaubassin Beach. Photo : Tourisme Gaspésie

Domaine des Chutes et du Ruisseau Creux in Saint-Alphonse

Parking: 127, rue Principale Est
3 km or 5 km on dirt trail (in the forest and mountains)
Two bike trails are available to explore this estate. Le Pédaleux is a 5-km intermediate trail that starts at the entrance to the site and will take you to the Chute du Ruisseau Creux waterfall, which is worth seeing. La Belle Balade is a 3-km beginner trail that will take you through the forest to the Relais de la Petite Belgique where you can admire a view of the Bonaventure River.

Network of bike paths along the barachois in Carleton-sur-Mer

Parking: Promenade des Acadiens
13.2 km on paved bike paths and shoulders
Enjoy a multi-use path (suitable for cycling, hiking and inline skating) that runs along the calm waters of the barachois in Carleton-sur-Mer. Extending over 4.5 km, this path starts from magnificent Pointe Tracadigash (at the western end of the campground). Once you reach the end of the path, cycle along Route 132 for a few metres and then turn onto Promenade des Acadiens, which also borders the barachois and will take you past a park with a colourful playground. Next, turn left onto Rue du Quai. The path continues beyond this road, behind the marina. Before heading back, climb the observation tower to admire the surrounding scenery and enjoy the beach! The entire trip is 13.2 km.

Sentiers de Shoolbred trails in Nouvelle

Parking: Corner of Rue Maguire (western end) and Route 132
10 km on stone dust path, paved path and paved shoulder
The Shoolbred trails, which are over 10 km long, are part of the Route Verte cycling network and will fully immerse you in the natural beauty of this area. The trails are divided into several segments: explore one or more of them, as you wish! Start your bike ride at the corner of Rue Maguire and Route 132, on the western edge of Nouvelle. This stone-dust path is 4.1 km long and suitable for beginners. Much of it runs along the Nouvelle River; it will also take you across the river on a snowmobile bridge and along the other side. Next is a 2.3-km intermediate bike lane along Route de Miguasha, which offers great views of the Nouvelle River basin. You can continue your ride on a 2.2-km intermediate path through the forest, past small waterways, which ends on Route de Miguasha. The final segment is another intermediate-level bike lane, which leads to Parc national de Miguasha. Admire the stunning views of Chaleur Bay along the way!

For more information about cycling in Gaspésie, download the official map of Gaspésie by bicycle on the Ondago app.

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