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Matapédia Valley. Photo: CHOK Images

Attractions in the Matapédia Valley to Discover by Quad

A true quad-biking paradise, the Matapedia Valley invites you to explore over 690 km of trails dotted with many attractions.

Observation towers

Much to the delight of quad bikers, the Matapédia ATV club has built four observation towers in this area. Located in the municipality of the same name, the Lac-au-Saumon tower is 482 metres high and offers an exceptional view in the fall.

A popular stop for snowmobilers in the winter, the tower on the Saint-Pierre Mountain, in La Rédemption, is also worth a visit in the fall. Built on the highest mountain in the Matapédia Valley (which reaches an altitude of 908 metres), this tower offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding municipalities, the St. Lawrence, Côte-Nord and wind turbines.

Interpretive panels are also located on site. In parc régional de Val-d’Irène, where the mountain reaches a height of 700 metres, an observation tower offers a view of the forest, the surrounding peaks and the wind turbines in Matane. Finally, in Amqui, a 214-metre tower offers a breathtaking view of the city and the islands in Lake Matapédia.

Tower, parc régional de Val-d'Irène.
Tower, parc régional de Val-d’Irène. Photo: Jean-Pierre Huard

Canyon, waterfall and beach

In Sainte-Irène, you can see a canyon that is 50 metres deep! In nearby Lac-Alfred, admire the natural beauty of a waterfall, which is now more accessible since an ATV trail crosses it. The 20-metre waterfall has a significant water flow even during periods of drought, despite the fact that the water comes from a single source, Lake Alfred. In Sayabec, the sandy beach in Baie à Charlie (Charlie’s Bay), in parc régional de la Seigneurie du lac Matapédia, is the perfect place to stop for a break.

Spanish flu camp in Sainte-Irène

Deep in the woods near the town of Sainte-Irène, you can visit a Spanish flu camp where nine lumberjacks died in 1918. This site, which was home to a group of 10 lumberjacks, reveals a little-known part of history. Although there are no longer any buildings on the site, many artefacts have been collected by archaeologists and are displayed in a kind of open-air museum. The site also includes the remains of a cabin and a vehicle that belonged to the group’s lone survivor, David Perron. Crosses, a monument, an altar and interpretive panels have been erected on site to commemorate the tragedy and invite contemplation.

Covered bridge
Covered bridge. Photo: Club VTT de La Matapédia

Covered and suspension bridges

The Matapédia Valley is home to several beautiful covered bridges, three of which are found in Amqui. The Anse-Saint-Jean bridge, built in 1931 and renovated in 1993, is the city’s emblem. The Beauséjour bridge, built from 1930 to 1932 in Sainte-Odile-de-Rimouski, was moved to Amqui in 2005, where it now connects two urban parks. Finally, the André-Blouin covered footbridge was named after the founder and president of the Matapédia ATV club.

In Causapscal, you can cross the Matapédia River by quad via a suspension bridge, while in Sainte-Florence, a covered mini-bridge located along Route 132 is mainly used by quad bikes and snowmobiles. Finally, south of Sainte-Marguerite, the Gervais-Lacasse bridge, named in honour of a full-time volunteer at the Matapédia ATV club, spans the Assemetquagan River over a distance of 37 metres.

Chute à Philomène
Chute à Philomène. Photo: Tourisme Gaspésie

Chute à Philomène waterfall in Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs

The chute à Philomène waterfall is 33 metres high and is the pride of the Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs community. Two trails are found on this enchanting site, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the waterfall from the top and bottom. In addition, a suspended platform overlooking the waterfall was built by the Matapédia ATV club in 2018. Walking out on this 20-metre-long structure is a thrilling experience you won’t want to miss! Note that this lookout is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Site des Chutes et Marais.
Site des Chutes et Marais. Photo: Tourisme Gaspésie

Waterfall and marshes in Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs

The 3.5-metre waterfall in the Causapscal River is part of the Site des Chutes et Marais. Over 500 Atlantic salmon are held in a natural pool in the river, which protects the species until spawning season in October. Starting in mid-June, you can watch the first salmon of the season cross the waterfall, particularly at dusk and throughout the evening. Salmon can be observed with the naked eye or on a giant screen, thanks to an underwater camera. Visitors can also enjoy two rest areas along the river. Note that fishing is prohibited at this site, which is classified as a sanctuary.

  • Check the trail closures during the hunting periods in fall in zecs and wildlife reserves. More information (in French only).

Are you ready to discover the attractions of the Matapedia Valley, a quad-biking paradise that offers over 690 km of trails? To make sure you savour every moment, plan your stay at! #gaspesie

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