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Sentiers des montagnes et des rivières. Photo : Ville de Percé

A weekend in Percé

Set yourself in a postcard for a weekend! Beyond the famous Percé Rock that one never tires of observing, Percé and its surrounding area offer great surprises, including a Geopark, a National Park and a walk designed by Moment Factory.

Here is a suggested itinerary* for your stay. Rule number 1: once in the car, get into vacation mode and enjoy the scenery! Heading east, 6 hours from Montréal or 3.5 hours from Quebec City, Mont-Joli welcomes you in Gaspésie. Take Route 132, towards Amqui, in the heart of the magnificent Matapedia Valley.

Photo: Auberge Beauséjour

Day 1

Noon: Lunch in Amqui
In Amqui, make a stop at the Auberge Beauséjour for lunch. Among other things, you can savor salmon and regional products. Then visit the Chocolaterie BelJade, which offers a wide range of chocolate products. After your feast, take the Matapédia Valley and open your eyes wide to admire the landscape of mountains, lakes, and rivers. In Routhierville, you will see a magnificent a covered bridge over the river.

Pit Caribou. Photo: Steve Deschênes

5:30 p.m.: Percé Rock and apéritif
When arriving in Percé, stop at the belvedere of the Côte surprise, which owes its name to the sudden view it offers of the Percé Rock. Take a few minutes to gaze upon this major Gaspesian attraction. It’s already time for an apéritif! Head to the village pub: sit out on the terrace to catch the warm autumn sun or let yourself be seduced by the warm interior and the prospect of a game of pool. A local beer Pit Caribou in hand, enjoy the moment. Cheers!

7 p.m.: Dinner and discovery of Percé
As the sun sets and colors the sky, check in at a hotel and go on a quest for a good meal. The restaurants are numerous in the village and the opportunity is perfect to walk the main street and soak up the unique atmosphere of Percé. After dinner, discover step by step the village history through the application Historical Tour of Percé, downloadable on your mobile device.

Northern Gannets. Photo: Marc Loiselle

Day 2

10 a.m.: Bonaventure Island and its Northern Gannets
After a good breakfast, go to the pier for a must-do in Percé: the trip to Bonaventure Island. A boat trip of about 1 h 30 will take you around Percé Rock and the island with a guide-interpreter. You will see a memorable sight: thousands of Northern Gannets nesting on the cliffs and diving into the water like rockets! With a little more time, you could stop over at Bonaventure Island and visit the most accessible Northern Gannet colony in the world. The Parc national de l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé is indeed a playground with its many activities: hiking, interpretation, kayaking, diving… You will have to return to discover it all.

Tektonik, Percé UNESCO Global Geopark. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis

1 p.m.: Percé Geopark
Back on the mainland, grab a bite to eat before heading to Percé UNESCO Global Geopark. Inaugurated in June 2016, the Geopark is an interpretive centre where one can discover the unique geology of Percé (including its fabulous rock!), especially through the multimedia exhibition “Tektonik” that appeals to young and old.

Photo: Mathieu Dupuis

Continue the exploration on the ground through hiking trails and lookouts that highlight different sites. Shuttle service, a guided tour, and a self-guided hike are available. Observe natural treasures as beautiful as they are unexpected, such as a cave, a crevasse, and a bottomless hole. Thrill-seekers: experience a vertiginous experience by walking on a glass platform suspended at an altitude of 200 m or by flying fast on a zipline, two attractions with a view of the sea and the majestic Percé Rock! The Geopark is also a playroom equipped with circus nets offering a unique experience in Québec, and a campsite in the village centre offering, among other things, ready-to-camp all year round. In short, it allows discovery of Percé in a new light!

Percé. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis

5 p.m.: Promenade of Percé
Take advantage of the brand new promenade, beautifully landscaped by the sea, with views of the Percé Rock. You’ll find, among other things, an observation tower, swings (suitable for people of all ages!), lounge chairs, shaded areas, and a play area for children.

6 p.m.: Meal at La Maison du Pêcheur
After a busy day, there is nothing better than a hearty meal at La Maison du Pêcheur! Several Percé restaurants offer fresh fish and seafood, but this establishment remains a classic. Close to the wharf, in a warm maritime atmosphere, enjoy the delights of the sea with a great wine.

Photo: Nova Lumina

Want a magical experience between sea and the forest to pick stars? You will have to leave the sweet atmosphere of the restaurant to head to Chandler.

9 p.m.: Illuminated night walk Nova Lumina
In Chandler, check in first at the accommodation you have booked. Then head to the illuminated night walk Nova Lumina, designed by Moment Factory. Armed with your pilgrim’s stick, your mission is to return to the sky one of the stars that for mysterious reasons fell from the sky, filling the beach. This course of approximately 1 hour offers a large dose of magical moments. Reservations recommended.

Your head already full of dreams, you will certainly sleep very soundly. Wake refreshed and ready to discover Chandler the next day.

Photo: Espace René-Lévesque

Day 3

9 a.m.: Open-air museum in Chandler and Espace René-Lévesque
Enjoy your breakfast and go to the Circuit des Bâtisseurs for a visit. This open-air museum immerses you in Chandler’s history over the past 100 years. You can also stretch your legs on the beautiful bike path with footbridge overlooking the Grand Pabos River. In New Carlisle, take a look at the colourful fire hydrants and stop at Espace René-Lévesque, dedicated to this great Gaspesian politician.

Want to know more about the range of fall activities offered in Percé and elsewhere in Gaspésie? Plan your stay at

* This itinerary is only a suggestion. It is not a package and is not for sale. It was designed based on businesses open in the fall, but whose schedules may vary. Before taking the road, book your accommodation and check the schedules of the businesses where you want to go. Have a great stay in Gaspésie! 

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