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5 Smoked Salmon from Gaspésie

Savour delicious smoked salmon made by passionate artisans throughout the Gaspé Peninsula! Here are 5 places to find this local delicacy.

Hôtel Motel Belle Plage, Matane

A hotel and restaurant for several decades now, Hôtel Motel Belle Plage has also earned a reputation for its famous smokehouses, which produce smoked Atlantic salmon from carefully selected fish that is then sold on site or served in the restaurant.

Without revealing the secrets of its homemade brine, the establishment provides just enough information about its recipe and methods to make your mouth water: basted with oil after being soaked in a special brine for 18 hours, the salmon filets are then hung in a smokehouse, where they are left for 10 to 12 days to absorb the delicate flavour of maple smoke. They are then immersed in cognac before being ready to eat. In addition to smoked salmon fillets and slices, the Belle Plage smokehouses also produce smoked salmon mousse, smoked trout fillets and smoked shrimp and scallops.

Atkins et frères
Photo: Atkins et frères

Atkins et frères, Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis

Winner of a Le Renaud-Cyr, in recognition for their remarkable contributions to Québec gastronomy, Atkins et frères set the benchmark in their field. Specializing in hot- and cold-smoked salmon and trout, they also make smoked mackerel, smoked seafood and smoked fish rillettes.

The secret of their success is undoubtedly the fact that they live up to their promise to “produce and sell smoked fish and seafood of the same exceptional quality as [they] would serve to [their] friends and family at home.” Atkins & Frères products are available in several points of sale in Gaspésie and elsewhere in Québec, but it is worth stopping at the main store in Mont-Louis, which overlooks a magnificent bay, to sample their delicious products…

Fumoir Monsieur Émile (Percé)

Marinated using a unique recipe and then maple smoked, the smoked salmon made by Fumoir Monsieur Émile is a high-quality product with a distinct taste and texture. In fact, Montréal chef Jérôme Ferrer proclaimed it the best smoked salmon in the world! Available in several locations, Fumoir Monsieur Émile salmon can also be purchased directly from the smokehouse as well as enjoyed at Comptoir Monsieur Émile, a restaurant located in the heart of the village that showcases products from the smokehouse.

Pub Pit Caribou, Percé
Pub Pit Caribou, Percé. Photo: Mathieu Dupuis

Pub Pit Caribou, Percé

Food-related companies in Gaspésie have a knack for coming up with unique flavour combinations. One example is the delicious salmon candy made with Pit Caribou beer by Fumoir Le Paternel (Percé). Cold smoked by master smoker Alain Bujold using traditional methods, these sweet and salty treats will delight anyone who tries them! Fumoir Le Paternel products are sold at Pub Pit Caribou (Percé) and make a great appetizer with a good beer from this local microbrewery.

Fumoir Cascapédia Smokehouse, Cascapédia–Saint-Jules

Cold smoked over maple sawdust using traditional methods, the Fumoir Cascapédia products are created using local ingredients, such as maple syrup, which gives them a distinct flavour. This smokehouse makes smoked salmon, trout, shrimp, mackerel and herring, all of which are seasoned in various ways. Don’t miss the smoked salmon flavoured with garlic pepper or lemon and dill. Their products are available in several supermarkets as well as directly from the smokehouse, where you can also find out more about their smoking methods and long history.

Smoked salmon

Fish markets throughout Gaspésie

To be spoilt for choice in terms of hot- or cold-smoked salmon, stop in the many fish markets throughout the region, where you will find delicious products from several smokehouses. In addition to the products already mentioned, you can stock up on tasty smoked salmon made by Fumoir Monsieur Émile (Percé). Marinated using a unique recipe and then maple smoked, this high-quality product has a distinct taste and texture. In fact, Montréal chef Jérôme Ferrer proclaimed it the best smoked salmon in the world!

Is your mouth watering at the thought of eating delicious salmon made by artisan smokers in Gaspésie? To make sure you savour every moment, plan your stay at! #gaspesie

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