Here are many bikeways you can explore as a family while enjoying…

Bike Paths in Gaspésie

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Bike Paths in Gaspésie

Here are many bikeways you can explore as a family while enjoying the spectacular sights and perfumes of Gaspésie!

The coast

Matane – parc des Îles
An oasis in the middle of the town of Matane, Parc des Îles offers a 7-km paved bike path that runs alongside the Matane River. The park also includes a play area for children, picnic tables and various sports facilities: outdoor basketball court, beach volleyball court, hiking and inline skating trails, outdoor gym and mini golf course. There is also a beach where you can swim. Kayaks, pedalboats and bikes are available for rent. Snacks, frozen treats and drinks are also sold on site, which will appeal to kids!

Land’s End

Gaspé – Bike path
Accessible via Carrefour Gaspé, the bike path in Gaspé is a 10-km segment of the Route Verte cycling network. The path is multipurpose: it can be used by hikers and inline skaters as well as cyclists. It will take you to the sandy Haldimand Beach, along Gaspé Bay. All along the path, you will find picnic tables and lookouts where you can stop for a bite to eat or just to admire the surrounding scenery!

Chandler – Circuit des Bâtisseurs
The Circuit des Bâtisseurs offers you a 4-km paved bike path along the sea. The path begins at Atelier d’Art on Avenue McGrath and ends at the Parc du Bourg de Pabos historic and archaeological site. Enjoy riding or walking across the longest aluminum pedestrian and cycle bridge in the world, which will take you across the Grand-Pabos Barachois. This path is also a historical route that recounts key moments in the history of the area. A campground, the Bourg de Pabos Beach and the Nova Lumina site are also all nearby.

Chaleur Bay

Carleton-sur-Mer, Network of bikeways along the Carleton-sur-Mer Barachois and Promenade des Acadiens,
Enjoy the multipurpose path (suitable for biking, hiking or inline skating) that runs along the calm waters of the Carleton-sur-Mer Barachois. Extending over 4.5 km, this seaside path starts from the magnificent Pointe Tracadigash (at the western end of the campground), surrounded by stunning maritime scenery. Once you reach the end of the path, cycle along Route 132 for a few metres and then turn onto Promenade des Acadiens, which also borders the barachois and will take you past a park with colourful playground equipment. Next, turn left onto Rue du Quai. The path continues beyond this road, behind the marina. Before heading back, climb the observation tower to admire the surrounding scenery and enjoy the beach! The entire trip is 13.2 km.

Nouvelle – Sentiers de Shoolbred
The Shoolbred trails, which are over 10 km long, are part of the Route Verte cycling network and will fully immerse you in the natural beauty of this area. The trails are divided into four segments: explore one or more of them, as you wish! The first segment begins near the intersection of Rue Maguire and Route 132, on the western edge of Nouvelle. This beginner path surfaced in stone dust is 4.1 km long. Much of it runs alongside the Nouvelle River; it will also take you across the river on a snowmobile bridge. The second segment is a 2.3-km intermediate-level designated roadway along Route de Miguasha, which offers great views of the Nouvelle River basin. The third segment takes you on a 2.2-km intermediate path through the forest, past small waterways, and ends on Route de Miguasha. The final segment is another intermediate-level designated roadway, which leads to Parc national de Miguasha. Admire the stunning views of Chaleur Bay along the way!

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