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Site historique national Banc-de-pêche-de-Paspébiac. Photo : Mathieu Dupuis

Top 5 – Historic places to visit during the fall in Gaspésie

Here are 5 places to visit this fall to discover the amazing history and rich culture of Gaspésie.

Reford Gardens, Métis-sur-Mer
Let yourself be charmed by the splendours of autumn at the Reford Gardens, created from 1926 to 1958 by Elsie Reford, a cutting-edge gardener. There are more than 300 plant species distributed in about fifteen distinct zones. In addition to these beautiful gardens, the venue offers several installations and exhibitions, some of which features the inspiring creator of these gardens. Elsie, through the eyes of… offers a glimpse into the life of this remarkable woman, presented through photographs, objects, and reminiscences. La fabuleuse trajectoire de madame Elsie (The Fabulous Voyage of Madame Elsie), by the artist-photographer Catherine Arsenault, features a visual poetic narrative of the Reford Gardens with photographic phrases. Also, in twelve photographic paintings, the artist offers a reconstruction of a floral bouquet made of flowers picked in the Reford Gardens and in her personal garden.

Reford Gardens. Photo : LP Cusson – Tourisme Gaspésie

Musée de la Gaspésie, Gaspé
Throughout the year, the Musée de la Gaspésie showcases Gaspésie’s history and heritage. Come visit the permanent exhibition Gaspésie… A Grand Journey! You will be transported back in time and will discover the history of the Mi’kmaq, the arrival of Jacques Cartier, the salted/dried cod trade, and much more. The virtual reality movie Gaspésienne no 20 will enable you to experience a day spent fishing aboard a typical boat of the region. Find yourself in the open sea, in 1963, in the company of two friendly Gaspesian fishermen! Until March 31 do not miss the temporary exhibit Madame Bolduc, road show. It tells of the fabulous epic and tours of the singer-songwriter Mary Travers called La Bolduc, in the heart of the 1930s.

Virtual reality movie Gaspésienne no. 20. Photo : Musée de la Gaspésie

Site historique du Banc-de-Pêche-de-Paspébiac, Paspébiac
Relive the era of cod fishing at the Site historique du Banc-de-Pêche-de-Paspébiac! By the sea, walk on boardwalks and admire 11 buildings that will charm you with their architecture. Costumed characters with colourful accents will help you discover fishing, net mending, blacksmithing and coopery work, as well as maritime construction. Do not miss a stop at the L’Ancdre restaurant to taste fish and seafood specialties.

Musée acadien du Québec, Bonaventure
Relating the epic of an extraordinary people, the museum will help you discover the rich cultural heritage of the Acadians who chose Québec as their home. Open year round, it presents permanent and temporary exhibitions. A Quebec Acadia will help you better understand the importance and the particularities of the Acadian presence in Québec. The exhibit Acadian Secrets, in the Wings of Grand-Pré Street will introduce you to models created by the artisan Marcel Arsenault, as well as audio capsules and interactive stations that showcase the intangible heritage, Acadian values, culture and vocabulary. Did you know that more than a million Quebeckers are of Acadian origin? Perhaps you will discover, thanks to the Museum, that your family is also one of them!

Musée acadien du Québec. Photo : Tourisme Gaspésie

The Battle of the Restigouche National Historic Site, Pointe-à-la-Croix
Take an extraordinary trip back to 1760 to the Battle of the Restigouche National Historic Site. Relive the last naval battle between France and Great Britain for the possession of New France. On the way to supply troops based in Quebec City, the vessel Le Machault went to Chaleur Bay where it sank. For 200 years, the wreck of this 26-gun sailing vessel, charged with protecting merchant vessels from the British, has remained under water. It is now possible to admire its vestiges at Pointe-à-la-Croix and learn more about its history!

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