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Top 5 – Fish and Seafood to Savour in Gaspésie

Savour fresh fish and seafood in Gaspésie! Here are 5 delicacies you will want to try during your vacation (and take home in a cooler)!

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Lobster from Gaspésie is renowned for its abundant meat and unique flavour. Local chefs expertly prepare it in many delicious and different ways, and our snack bars even serve it in club sandwiches! You can also buy pre-cooked lobster for your picnics in several fish markets. If you have time, cook it yourself in seawater. Purists will want to eat it plain, but you can also enjoy it with a splash of lemon or with garlic butter or a sauce. If you want to see how lobster is fished, On the Sea with the Coastal Fishermen offers deep-sea fishing excursions with real fishermen departing from L’Anse-à-Beaufils, and you can also participate in lobster fishing excursions with Excursions L’Omirlou, departing from Bonaventure.

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In the spring during snow crab season, the locals eat as much of this delicious and delicately flavoured crustacean as possible! Savour it in crab cakes in the many restaurants that feature crab on their menus. You can also try a crab guedille (crab roll) or club sandwich in a snack bar, which you can then savour on the beach, along the water! Fish markets also sell frozen crab in small jars that are easy to pop into a cooler… Once you get home, they will make you dream of your vacation in Gaspésie!

Northern shrimp
Tasty northern shrimp (also known as northern prawn, Matane shrimp or cold-water prawn) has been fished for decades off the coast of Gaspésie, especially in the Coast and Haute-Gaspésie sectors. In the spring, when fresh shrimp is abundantly available in the shell, you can eat it with your fingers during a shrimp feast! Northern shrimp is available in fish markets (order a shrimp cocktail served in a glass and eat it with a toothpick!) or in restaurants. The town of Matane promotes itself as a Matane, destination gourmande de la crevette, offering a list of restaurants, pubs, microbreweries, cafés, canteens, etc. that serve northern shrimp in various ways.

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Cod: A traditional staple worth rediscovering!
Although cod has not been fished in the waters off Gaspésie since the moratorium, this delicious white fish is still featured in local cuisine. You can savour it in many different dishes in restaurants: as fillets or in pâtés, chowders or cakes; you can also purchase take-out dishes in fish markets. The locals have much to say about the long tradition of cod fishing, salting and drying that is part of their history… Visit the Site historique national Banc-de-Pêche-de-Paspébiac or other sites along the Route de la Morue (Cod Route) to learn more about the fascinating history of the cod industry.

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Atlantic salmon
Gaspesians are masters in the art of smoking salmon. Many restaurants serve it as an appetizer or main dish, in salads or sandwiches or on pasta or bagels. You can even have it for breakfast! Smoked salmon is a great addition to your picnics or camping cookouts. Purchase smoked salmon in fish markets or directly from the smokehouse! For example, both the Atkins et Frères (Mont-Louis) and Fumoir Cascapédia Smokehouse (Cascapédia-Saint-Jules) smokehouses are open to visitors. Although Atlantic salmon is no longer fished commercially in Gaspésie, you can try your hand at salmon fishing in several of the region’s beautiful rivers.

Would you like to discover gourmet cuisine in Gaspésie by savouring fresh fish and seafood during your vacation? Visit to plan your trip!

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