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Top 5 – Types of fishing activities in Gaspésie

When we think about a day spent fishing, we often think about doing it on a lake from a boat, but in Gaspésie, we can enjoy a wide variety of fishing activities! Here are 5 types of fishing activities to enjoy during your holidays in Gaspésie.

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Salmon fishing
With 22 salmon rivers, Gaspésie is a must for salmon fishing. Crystal-clear turquoise waters, an abundance of fish, and exceptional landscapes make the region famous. Whether for an introduction or to practice your favorite sport, Gaspésie is the destination!

Lobster or crab fishing
Lobster and crab are part of typical dishes served in Gaspésie. But how would you feel about going out to sea to catch them? Experience the true everyday life of the inshore fisherman by participating in the hauling of traps and manoeuvres of the crew along with professional fishermen.

Mackerel and smelt fishing
Mackerel and smelt are among the most common species to fish from the wharves. This type of fishing is definitely one of the easiest as no fishing license or access rights are required. Put your line in the water and enjoy the moment!

Trout fishing
In the heart of Gaspésie, forests and lakes offer a huge playground to fishermen. Wildlife preserves, ZECs and national parks provide boats, fishing equipment and access rights, whether for a day trip or longer.

Photo : Marc Loiselle

Striped bass fishing
From June 15 to October 31, striped bass fishing is permitted in Gaspésie in the Chaleur Bay sector. From shore, put your line in the water and try to catch one of these big fish. Catch limit is set at 2 per person at all times.

Fishing in Gaspésie is more than an activity. It is one of the main economic drivers, and has remained so since the early days. Take advantage of your stay to discover the influence of fishing on the region’s history by visiting the museums or learn more about species and their ways of life by visiting the interpretive centres. #gaspesiemesvacances

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  1. Peter McDonough 16 October 2017 at 17 h 33 min

    How is access to the salmon rivers determined? Are the beats privately owned?

    1. Tourisme Gaspésie 27 July 2018 at 11 h 36 min

      For salmon fishing, please contact the river of your choice and book your location and your day with them.

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