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Photo : Jean-Pierre Huard

Top 5 – Lighthouses not-to-be-missed during a visit to Gaspésie

Did you know that there are 14 lighthouses in Gaspésie? Here is a selection of 5 not-to-be-missed lighthouses during your holidays in the region.

Photo : Pietro Canali, Le Québec maritime

Phare de la Martre – Musée des phares 
Icon of the Gaspésie, the La Martre lighthouse is entirely red, with the exception of a white stripe facing north. Another notable feature is the straight staircase leading to the top of the lighthouse rather than the usual spiral. Come visit, climb, and learn more! On the site, the museum allows you to get acquainted with other aspects of lighthouses.

Site du phare de Pointe-à-la-Renommée
One of a kind, the Pointe-à-la-Renommée lighthouse is well worth the detour on a gravel road to get there. Located on the mountainside, the view of the sea is breathtaking. This lighthouse stands out as the most-traveled lighthouse, as it was brought here in 1997 from Québec City after 20 years of exile. This is the site of the first maritime radio station in North America (Marconi Station).

Phare de Cap-des-Rosiers
With its 34 m height, the Cap-des-Rosiers lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Canada. Located on the cliffside, the view is magnificent. With a little luck, whales can be seen in the distance.

Phare de Cap-Gaspé 
Located at the tip of Cap-Gaspé in Forillon National Park, this little white lighthouse with the red roof certainly offers one of the finest views around! What good is the need to be tall when you are at the top of a cliff? The important thing is to be noticed!

Photo : Mathieu Dupuis

Phare de Bonaventure 
The Bonaventure lighthouse is at times open to visitors during the peak tourist season. Overlooking Chaleur Bay, it is worth the ride, even if only to enjoy the site. This wooden, 4-sided lighthouse is representative of the small wooden lighthouses built in the early 20th century!

Gaspésie boasts more than 700 km of coastline, which easily explains the impressive number of lighthouses found there. Discover more lighthouses with our lighthouses circuit.  #gaspesiemesvacances 

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