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Top 5 – Heritage sites in Percé

A day in Percé is, of course, an opportunity to see the majestic Percé Rock, the icon of Gaspésie. But there are many other activities to take part in! Visit these 5 heritage sites to shine a new light on Percé during your holidays in Gaspésie. 

Photo: Tourisme Gaspésie

Le Chafaud – Discovery and Service Centre
Located near the Percé wharf, this large red and white warehouse is one of the most typical buildings of the cod fisheries era. Originally built on wooden pilings with direct access to the shore, cod was unloaded here before being prepared and laid out on a bed of salt. Le Chafaud today serves as a discovery centre for the Parc national de l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé, and hosts an exhibit featuring the main themes of the park.

La Saline, la Neigière et le Cookroom
In the 1870s, the Robin fishery company had nearly forty buidlings in Percé for the cod fisheries trade. Adjacent to Le Chafaud, La Saline, La Neigère and the Cookroom are, together with the general store (today the Pub Pit Caribou), the main buildings remaining today. La Saline served as the warehouse for salt used to cure the cod, La Neigère was used for lure storage, while the Cookroom was the building where seasonal workers slept.

Magasin général historique authentique 192
A visit to the general store is truly a journey back through time! Open the door and you will find yourself in 1928, an era where the store was, undoubtedly, one of the pillars of the village. Built by the Jersey company Robin, Jones and Whitman, it was the location where fishermen and their families were supplied with goods, and was also a unique meeting place. Thanks to the entertainers-storytellers, relive the era, and discover colourful anecdotes.

Photo: Jean-Pierre Huard

Vieille usine de l’Anse-à-Beaufils
Located on the wharf between river and seashore, the old plant is a unique place. Fishing and recreational boats gather there, creating magnificent scenery. Nowadays converted into a show hall, art gallery and café-bistro, it is a beautiful cultural site to enjoy a drink on the terrace or delight in an evening show.

Historical Tour of Percé
The town of Percé launched a Historical tour to discover the richness of this place. A brochure listing 35 sites with a short description for each is available at the Percé Welcome Office. An audioguide offering 3 itineraries is also available on the App Store and iPod Touch devices are also available for rental at the Tourist Welcome Office in Percé.

A day in Percé is also an opportunity to go to sea for a whale watching cruise, to discover the particular geology of the sector, to travel the hiking trails, to enjoy a kayak excursion to see caves, and so much more! #gaspesiemesvacances 

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