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Photo : Geneviève Gagné

Top 5 – Agritourism Activities in Gaspésie

Discover the know-how and products of 5 agritourism businesses in Gaspésie. These visits offer you the opportunity to sample delicious local products as well as meet the people who grow or produce them!

Photo : Louis-Philippe Cusson

Vignoble Carpinteri, Saint-Ulric
Originally from Italy, the Carpinteri family converted an old strawberry farm into a vineyard in 2004 and now produces high-quality red and white wines from the grapes they grow. The magnificent Villa Carpinteri, built in the lavish Italian style of the early 19th-century, will give you the impression you are in Tuscany! You can stay in the villa or enjoy a meal in the restaurant, which offers Mediterranean cuisine showcasing fresh regional ingredients. A range of gourmet products are also available on site, including olive oils, balsamic vinegars, pasta and sauces.

Photo : Auberge de la Pente Abrupte

Auberge-Érablière de La Pente abrupte, Sainte-Paule
In the heart of nature, the Lavoie family welcomes you to a maple-themed experience! All year long, the family produces pure maple products: maple syrup, taffy, butter and sugar as well as maple pies, maple cones and more. The restaurant serves regional cuisine, including several dishes that feature maple products, and the inn offers 12 rooms. Guided tours of the sugar bush and sugar shack are available, and you can also explore the site’s hiking trails.

Photo : Gaspésie Gourmande

Ferme Bourdages Tradition, Saint-Siméon
This strawberry farm, which also makes strawberry products of all kinds, offers an authentic country-style experience, with a small farmhouse, u-pick and cellar tours (during which you can find out about the making of strawberry wine). Visit the gift shop where you can purchase fresh strawberries and vegetables, strawberry and rhubarb wines as well as spreads, coulis, pies, pâtés, breads and takeout dishes. Meet the seventh generation of passionate farmers in the Bourdages family, who have been working this land since 1821!

Photo : Gaspésie Gourmande

Hydromel Forest, Maria
The Rucher des Framboisiers, a family-run honey farm, produces several different types of organic honey wine. You can also visit the honeybee interpretation centre, observe bees in a glass-encased hive and watch the honey extraction process. Stroll through the bee gardens, which feature many beautiful bee-forage plants, and pick your own raspberries. Be sure to stop in the gift shop to sample the various types of honey and mead made on site—and purchase some to take home with you!

Photo : La Vallée de la Framboise, Geneviève Gagné

La Vallée de la Framboise Economuseum, Val-Brillant
This farm produces raspberries as well as other berries and vegetables. Visit the gift shop to purchase fruit butters, spread and jellies as well as berry wines, sparkling wines, mistelles and liqueurs. You can also pick your own (or buy) fresh fruits and vegetables. Haskap berries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, highbush blueberries, strawberries, pumpkins and squash are the farm’s main crops. Group tours are also available in an enchanting setting.

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