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Parc national de la Gaspésie. Photo : Steve Deschênes

Top 5 – Fall activities in Gaspésie

Here are 5 activities that will inspire all outdoor enthusiasts to head for Gaspésie this fall. What type are you? 

The hiker
With more than 25 peaks over 1,000 m, hundreds of kilometres of trails, and hikes of all caliber, Gaspésie is a destination of choice for hiking enthusiasts. There are opportunities to observe moose, caribou, and a multitude of small animals. Whether on the sea, lakes or rivers, magnificent views adorned with autumn colours await you.

The cruiser
Autumn is known as the season for whales. Although they can be observed throughout the summer, you can be certain to see more whales from August onwards.  Blue whale, minke whale, common dolphin, right whale, and basking shark can often be observed in this season, not to mention the many harbour seals. By boat or zodiac, depart from Percé and Gaspé to meet these giants of the seas.

Crédit photo : Marc Debain

The paddler 
For the canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts, Gaspésie is full of rivers. Renowned for their clear waters, they allow access to waterfalls and mountain crossings for a day or longer canoe-camping trip. Several companies also offer sea kayak trips to meet seals, or to observe the sunset or the famous Percé Rock. In addition, paddle surfing will also allow you to enjoy the bays of Gaspésie.

The flier 
What better way to enjoy the spectacular view than to move like birds in the air? To paraglide or hang-glide from Mont Saint-Pierre are two ways to fly without risking anything. Those who prefer to keep both feet on the ground can choose to climb a wind turbine. The view from the top is just as breathtaking!

Deltaplane. Photo : Vue du Ciel

The ATV rider 
If you prefer to enjoy the great outdoors in a motorized vehicle, an ATV excursion is highly recommended. The Matapédia Valley is renowned for its magnificent trails providing access to lookouts, waterfalls, and covered bridges. Rentals, guided and self-guided tours are offered. It is also possible to explore the hinterland by jeep. Enjoy a wonderful excursion to see the Chic-Chocs in a unique way.

For all your interests, a multitude of activities are offered in the fall in Gaspésie. #gaspesielautumn

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