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Photo : Mathieu Dupuis

Road trip in Gaspésie by electric car – Land’s End

Travel in Gaspésie by electric car, yes it is now possible! Consider this 5-day itinerary* to tour the Gaspésie without ever running out of battery.

Day 3 – Land’s End: from Grande-Vallée to Port-Daniel-Gascons

Stopover in Gaspé
After having travelled between sea and mountains, Land’s End reveals landscapes where the Gulf of St. Lawrence opens in front of us. In Grande-Vallée, stop at the lookout to admire the view of the village and then again at the roadside stop below. You can charge your car there and enjoy the time to discover the covered bridge and the beautiful park.

Back behind the wheel, continue your trip towards Gaspé. Along the way, several stops are available to you. Museums and interpretation centres, lighthouses, and the renowned Forillon National Park. Once in town, the Mi’kmaq cultural interpretation site, the Musée de la Gaspésie, and the Cradle of Canada site are just a few examples of the available activities. If necessary, you can charge your car at the tourist welcome bureau of Gaspé, at the marina. Take the opportunity to get information, admire the moored sailboats, or ride your bikes and head to the beach.

If you decide to stay to take full advantage of the area, the Hôtel des Commandants and the Chalets du Bout du Monde allow you to sleep in Gaspé and recharge the battery of your vehicle. Walk down Rue de la Reine and discover the local restaurants and bars.

Forillon National Park. Photo : Mathieu Dupuis

Discovering Percé
Want to continue your route to discover Percé? No problem! Once in the village, the Géoparc de Percé offers a place to plug in your vehicle. Highlighting the particular geology of the village, the Géoparc has a multimedia exhibition, a playroom for children, trails to hike, and a glass platform suspended atop Mont Sainte-Anne. Something to amaze both young and old!

An ideal pedestrian village, Percé is easily walked. The wharf, shops, and restaurants are gathered in the heart of the village and a unique atmosphere reigns. One can’t miss Percé Rock, omnipresent and beautiful, regardless of the point of view.

Riôtel Percé, a 3-star beachfront property with a view of the Rock, will allow you to have a good night’s sleep and recharge the battery of your car.

Percé Grotto. Photo : Tourisme Gaspésie

Nearly 300 km separate the two ends of the Land’s End sector. It is unthinkable to name everything available here. Whale watching cruises, kayaking with seals, introduction to scuba diving, captivating museums and interpretive sites, excursions to Bonaventure Island to see the Northern Gannets, illuminated night path, festivities, and much more await you!

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Follow us this week to discover what each region of Gaspésie has to offer.

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