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Road trip in Gaspésie by electric car – The Coast

Travel in Gaspésie by electric car, yes it is now possible! Consider this 5-day itinerary* to tour the Gaspésie without ever running out of battery. 

Day 1 – The Coast: from Sainte-Flavie/Mont-Joli to Les Méchins

The gateway to Gaspésie
When you arrive in Gaspésie via Highway 20, you will be in Mont-Joli. Stop by the town centre to discover the Circuit de fresques (mural circuit). More than 30 murals painted on the walls of the buildings tell the local story. Parking with charging station and free guided tour from Château Landry. Take the opportunity to discover Ateliers Plein Soleil, the weaving economuseum, and stock up on sweet treats and regional products at Ma Cabane in Gaspésie and fresh products at the Poissonnerie de La Mitis (fish market).

After this visit downtown, travel towards Grand-Métis. On the way, visit Sainte-Flavie, a charming village with many artists and artisans. Shops, art galleries and several restaurants enliven the heart of the village. Visit the Vieux Moulin, a mead factory, the Centre d’interprétation de la dîme and see the famous work of Marcel Gagnon: Le Grand rassemblement.

On arrival at the Reford Gardens, connect your car if necessary and go and explore! Discover Elsie Reford’s magnificent layout: the royal alley, the vegetable garden, the blue poppies and the other beauties beside the Estevan Lodge, the International Garden Festival, and the ÈRE 132 house. Enjoy a bite to eat here. The café offers sandwiches, salads and other treats in an enchanting setting.

Les Jardins de Métis. Photo : Tourisme Gaspésie

Towards Matane
From here, take the road towards Matane. Gourmands will appreciate a stop at the Fromagerie du Littoral, the Vignoble Carpinteri, or the Gîte confort et Chocolat where ice cream and chocolate are in the spotlight.

In Matane you will be able to charge your car downtown and take the opportunity to visit the Poste d’observation de la montée du saumon (observation centre for the salmon run). You will see the fish swim against the current to go up the river. A few steps away, the Parc des îles offers boat rentals, beach, and green space. At the end of the day, head for avenue Saint-Jérôme where a bakery, café, restaurants, microbrewery, and patios invite you to enjoy a good meal and have a drink under the sun. Not to be missed are the delicious shrimp of Matane, the menu highlight for nearly twenty establishments!

For the night, the Riôtel Matane and the Quality Inn offer you a charging station, sea view, pool, and comfortable rooms.

Shrimps. Photo : Tourisme Gaspésie

In short, from the entrance of the Gaspésie in Mont-Joli to the village of Les Méchins, the Coast is characterized by a series of villages, each one more picturesque than the one before. Shops, artisans, beaches, and sunsets are waiting for you in addition to several activities. Discover more here and plan now your stay at

Follow us this week to discover what each region of Gaspésie has to offer.

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List of charging stations.

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