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Crédit photo: Jean-Sébastien Cloutier

Gaspésie by quad: fall under the spell!

With more than 2,600 km of trails, Gaspésie is a must-see destination for quadding. Between sea and mountains, it offers spectacular landscapes that you will not soon forget!

Thanks to the Trans-Québec Trail (# 30, # 13 and # 10), it is possible to quad the complete tour of the Gaspésie. Covering nearly 1,500 km, the trail crosses towns and villages, regularly allowing easy access to gasoline, food, and accommodation. These trails have the advantage of providing access to remote areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Discover spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River, cross the Chic-Choc Mountains, and see Percé Rock from a new perspective.

For those who wish to do less mileage, the Matapédia Valley is an excellent destination! Recognized provincially for the quality of its trails, this sector of the Gaspésie offers a total of more than 690 km of trails, forest roads, and concession roads to perform one-day loops from a specific starting point. In an effort to highlight this beautiful region, the Club VTT de la Matapédia has extensively marked its network and set up observation towers, lookouts, and trail bridges offering access to little known breathtaking landscapes. Definitely a quad destination to discover!

Photo : Club VTT de La Matapédia

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