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Salmon fishing in Gaspésie

With rivers among the clearest in the world, enchanting scenery, large salmon: Gaspésie is THE destination for salmon fishing! 

With its 22 salmon rivers with crystal-clear waters and turquoise reflections, Gaspésie is well known to fishermen. Long reserved for members of select and exclusive American clubs, salmon fishing is now available to enthusiasts of all types looking for a change of scenery. Here are some rivers to include on your list:

Bonaventure River: Originating in the Parc national de la Gaspésie, this river runs for 125 km before flowing into Chaleur Bay. It is celebrated for its transparent water which makes it easy to spot fish.

York, Darmouth, and Saint-Jean River: These 3 legendary rivers intersect and meet before flowing into Gaspé Bay. All three run largely through uninhabited areas; the Darmouth offers breathtaking scenery, the St-Jean is renowned for the all-inclusive experience of its pavilion of the same name, and the York promises a hard battle with the king of the waters (salmon often larger than 12 kg). Three rivers, one destination!

Madeleine River: Flowing on the north side of the Gaspé Peninsula, this river includes among other things, the 25-metre Grand-Sault waterfall. Visit the globally unique fishway, consisting of a 140-metre tunnel which allows the salmon to travel up the river.

Matane River: Easily accessible, without quota, and enjoying an annual run of more than 3,000 individuals, the Matane River is the ideal schooling river! It is also possible to learn the sport of fishing in the heart of the town centre, in an all-inclusive package. This could get you addicted to Gaspésie!

Matapédia and Patapédia Rivers: With 18-kg catches that are not uncommon and with 3,000 to 5,000 individuals returning each year, the Matapedia River honors its reputation as one of the best salmon rivers in Québec. Together with its sister waterway the Patapedia River, they offer fishermen great tranquility and beautiful landscapes composed of steep mountains.

Petite-Cascapédia River: With its source more than 700 m away in the Chic-Choc Mountains, this river offers cold and clear water, perfect for spotting salmon. You can enjoy wading or canoe fishing, and some areas are only accessible by boat.

To learn all about salmon fishing in Gaspésie, visit the Saumon Québec website and to plan your stay, go to!

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